If your friend is a wig, you at the first glance, will certainly feel that he is a stranger. Yes, that human wigs and hair pieces can so easily change the appearance of a person. As humans, we all have advantages and disadvantages, we should try to hide their weaknesses in looks, to learn to dress up yourself, especially women. So, wig is an ornament of our essential.

After buying a wig, the first thing is to learn how to take it. Generally speaking, the human wigs and hair pieces is divided into two parts, and a wig. First of all, you should be your hair together, and put them in one direction; according to your hair, carefully take on the set, the extra broken hair inside it. Below you can wear wigs! Must remember to use a card fixed good oh!

Now you see yourself already before and is not the same in the mirror. There is no change to feel beautiful and stylish? And you can also decide to take what kind of wigs in according to their different situations, these are random. So, you feel or to buy human wigs and hair pieces.? I have here some blog about all kinds of wig and a wig. You can look at the topic!
There are two ways acceptable human wigs and hair pieces can be made into a wig. The first is called wefted. The hair is sewn into a long band with string, then these wefts are lined up and sewn in place in the form of the head. The second way is called a lace wig and the hairs are ventilated or tied in small groups of 1-4 hairs onto a net that has been designed to take the shape of the head.

Both methods can break the human wigs and hair pieces  or the hair can untie and cause shedding. very good quality wigs have the hair all aligned in the same direction that it came from the head and this helps to prevent tangling. The term for this is called remy, however today that term has been misused and many wigs that claim they are remy are simply coated with silicone to make it look like good quality. Unfortunately the silicone washes off the hair and you are left with a mess that tangles easily.

Since extensions are so popular today there is a shortage of good quality hair and most manufacturers can not even buy it. The human wigs and hair pieces market is tightly controlled and the good hair usually goes to Jewish companies that make wigs for the very rich. It used to be available to the entertainment industry but this is no longer true. So, buying a human hair wig for less than thousands of dollars is a scam. There are a few companies that harvest their own virgin hair like Freedom wigs, but these wigs are only used by people with total hair loss or those that shave their heads and they too cost several thousand dollars.
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